CSUSB Students & Staff: Check-Out Policies

Can I renew the items I check out?

Yes, you are allowed two renewals per item unless there is a hold on it. Renew items online via My Library Account, or in person at the Check-Out Desk.

Can I check out library materials from other libraries?

Your Coyote OneCard is good at all CSU libraries. Some local libraries participate in the Inland Empire Academic Libraries Cooperative (IEALC); ask at the Check-Out Desk for the special IEALC card. For other libraries, please contact them to find out what their policy is.

Loan Periods by Type of Material

  • Books: 28 days
  • Featured Books: 2 weeks
  • Audio Books: 2 weeks (no renewals)
  • Course Reserves: Varies from 1 hour to 2 weeks
  • Current Periodicals: 1 week (no renewals)
    Note: issues in plastic covers in the first floor display do not circulate.
  • Art Prints: 28 days
  • Audiocassettes & CDs: 2 weeks
  • DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.: 1 week (no renewals)
    (Students: limit of 2 total which may include 1 boxed set)
    (Staff: limit of 5 total which may include  1 boxed set)
  • Laptops: 4 hours
  • Calculators: 4 hours
  • iPads: 4 hours

Overdue Fees

  • Books: $0.25 per day, per item; maximum of $10 per item.
  • Course Reserves: $1 per hour, per item; maximum of $25 per item.
  • Featured Books & Audio Books: $1 per day, per item; maximum of $10 per item.
  • DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.: $2 per day, per item; maximum of $26 per item.
  • Laptops: $10 per hour, per item; maximum of $480 per item.
  • Calculators: $5 per hour, per item; maximum of $120 per item.
  • iPads $10 per hour, per item; maximum of $480.

Lost or Damaged Fees

  • Cost of repair or replacement plus $10 service charge per item.
  • Boxed DVD sets with one or more missing discs: replacement cost of entire set plus $10 service charge.
  • Laptops: up to $1,300 for laptops, $40 for Kensington locks, $80 for power chargers
  • Calculators: replacement fee of $150
  • iPads: Up to $520 for iPads with cases, up to $340 for iPads Minis with Smart Covers, $5 for Griffin styluses, and $70 for Apple wireless keyboards.

Placing a Hold or a Recall

Is the book you need already checked out? Place a hold (anytime) or recall (after 28 days) on it in person at the Check-Out Desk on the first floor, or online through the Pfau Library Catalog. We will notify you via email when it is returned. Another solution that may be faster is to request the book through our Interlibrary Loan service. Holds or recalls may not be made on laptops and calculators.

Placing a Search Request

Can't locate an item on the shelf? Place a search request on it at the Check-Out Desk on the first floor. You will be notified by email if the item is located.

Paying Fines or Fees

Payments may be made in cash or by check, at the Check-Out Desk, payable to the Pfau Library. Billing notices and overdue reminders are sent via email. If you have questions, talk to a staff member at the Check-Out Desk in person or by phone (909-537-5090). To see if you owe fines, check My Library Account.