Critical Information Literacy (CIL) Workshop Program


CSUSB graduates who attend our workshops series have a conceptual framework for thinking about information, and they know how and where to find the information they need to be informed citizens and engaged professionals.


The CIL workshop series teaches CSUSB students not only how to access information for their college courses and their future professions, but also how to think critically about all information and its role in social change.

Student Learning Outcomes

Our workshop program helps students to:

  1. distinguish search engines from proprietary databases, recognizing the economic and research implications of both;
  2. create and use effective search strategies in order to engage actively and confidently in recursive research processes;
  3. distinguish popular discourse from academic discourse, with the awareness that each has its own distinct purpose and audience;
  4. evaluate the credibility of information by its source and through investigation of its rhetorical and social context;
  5. use information ethically, recognizing the essential value of attribution in an information society.

Library Research Basics

Meant for those new to CSUSB, or for those who could simply use a refresher, this workshop provides an introduction to resources available through John M. Pfau Library. This session addresses why it is necessary to use the deep web for scholarly research, and attendees learn how to navigate the library website, find online journal articles, locate books, and get research help. Registration is required, as space is limited.This workshop is 50 minutes long and takes place in Pfau Library, room 2005.