Freshman Workshop Series

Scenario: You’re in a college class and you get an assignment to write a research paper. You must use credible sources to support a thesis, and you must cite those sources. What do you do?

You could try to do research for the paper the way you did it in high school, but college professors expect more. Prepare yourself for college research. These workshops will help!

Workshop #1: The Deep Web

This is the first workshop in our 4-part Freshman series. Learn the difference between high school and college research and how to do a basic keyword search in the deep web.

Workshop #2: The Information Cycle

This is the second workshop in our 4-part series. You must have attended the first workshop to go to this one. Learn how to identify different types of information sources and how to limit your search results in two databases.

Workshop #3: Relevance

This is the third workshop in our 4-part series. You must have attended the first and second workshops to go to this one. Learn how to narrow your searches and analyze your results to find the most relevant articles for your research question.

Workshop #4: References

If you have attended the first three workshops, come to the final workshop of the Freshman series. Learn some great tips for using the databases (even Google!) to help you build your references.

Each workshop is 50 minutes long, and all are taught in Pfau Library 2005. You take these workshops in sequence, and you register online. Many freshman professors offer their students extra credit for attending our workshops - ask your professor!

Register on our Workshop Schedule.

Great information, wish I came before my paper was due. Freshman student, 2012

Definitely I loved the workshops. I apply the lessons every time I research for a paper or do a project. The workshops showed me what kinds of tools the CSUSB Web site had for me as a student. I learned plenty and I teach my fellow students when the chance comes up. Freshman student, 2013